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Re Manufactured Pallets

What Are Re-Manufactured Pallets?

A Re-Manufactured Pallet is a pallet comprised of parts that have been recovered from disassembled pallets or has some new components such as Stringers".

These are available in both HeatTreated and Non-Heat Treated variants without compromising on Quality.

Advantages of Re-Manufactured Pallets

Maximum Cost Saving
Up to 25% savings over new pallets.

Environmentally Friendly
Cut costs, not trees.

Proven to perform as a new pallet.

Minimal Lead Time
Fastest possible delivery.

Our Process.

We purchase pallets in truckloads from various manufacturing plants that no longer use them.
The arriving pallets pass through multilevel sorting into various sizes and grades.
1. Pallets remanufactured using existing parts of pallets no longer fit for use.

2. The wood waste generated in the process is recycled with zero wastage.

Our experience in the pallet services business has led us to formulate a process that completely maximizes the usage cycle of a pallet.

Once the pallets arrive

  • 1.Our technicians’ first start restoring the pallets that have minor issues and can be fixed quickly.

  • 2. We then re-manufacture pallets using existing parts of pallets no longer fit for use.

Quality assurance is a priority
Repallets are inspected by a team of specialists and are guaranteed to perform as intended.

  • 1. Remanufactured Pallets are subjected to a load test to assess the durability and sturdiness.

  • 2. As per customer requirements, Remanufactured Pallets are subjected to forced hot air treatment in accordance with ISPM-15 standards and are affixed with the marking as per international standard. The treatment reduces the risk of invasive pests and creates a stronger pallet.

  • 3. As per customer requirements, the pallets are fumigated with methyl bromide in compliance with Indian Phytosanitary regulations prior to export.

We help you to cut costs, not trees.

  • 1. Remanufactured pallets are one of the best examples of ‘What is good for the environment is good for business while saving cost’.

  • 2. Pallets are not a single-use product. Used pallets can easily perform just as efficiently as new pallets.

  • 3. We have the resources, facilities, and supplies to get the standard size pallets you need. It is truly a win-win situation for any business.

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